Draw a Line in the Sand

And then Make a Stand

Blaise Zabini
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Name: Blaise Zabini
Age: 17
House/Year: Slytherin/Seventh
Blaise is a studious young man, one of the lesser known
Slytherins. He's normally very laid-back but a little stuck-up at
times as well.
At his worst, he's snarky and contemptuous. He doesn't get mad easily,
only a little bitter. He turns to soft mutters and sarcastic comments
when faced with a situation he'd rather avoid.
At his best, he's more cheerful than most would expect. He's pleasant
to be around when he's in a good mood and even sweet when you catch
him on a good day.
Although slightly biased towards purebloods, Blaise has never been tempted by the Death Eaters.

Blaise is not the biggest fan of many of his housemates, tending to spend more time out of the Common Room.